Oprah’s Brother Jeffrey Lee Died of Aids? Another Family Secret?

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Oprah’s brother Jeffrey Lee is said to have died of AIDS years ago. Today, Oprah’s half-sister family secret didn’t include what happened to Oprah’s baby when she was pregnant at 14. It capped off a long history of mourning and loss for Winfrey.

Today was a day of revelation, shock, nostalgia, humility and miracles when Oprah’s family secret was revealed.

After much anticipation from her viewers, the talk show titan finally dished on what the huge announcement was she had alluded to.

But there was not a mention that Oprah’s brother Jeffrey was dead until online sites like Popeater made a brief mention in a story ran today about Oprah’s family secret.

Oprah Winfrey announced today that after 47 years, it was brought to her attention that she had a half-sister still alive. This was a moving moment to her because for many years the 57-year-old Winfrey believed she was the only surviving child among her siblings.

She was aware that her younger siblings, Jeffrey Lee and Patricia were deceased, but she was not aware another Patricia existed. But there was, and it was completely by accident.

Nonetheless, the family secret was revealed to her over the Thanksgiving holiday, and rather than the media compromise the merits of the story, the decision was made to have it come from “the horse’s mouth”.

While the attention was all on the half-sister Patricia, Oprah’s brother Jeffrey Lee was not given the same light.

Who is Jeffrey Lee? Not much is known about her brother other than he and his sister (the other Patricia) died on separate occasions. The first Patricia (the one known to Oprah) was a heavy drug user and died as a result of her own abuse.

Oprah’s brother Jeffrey Lee, according to the NY Post, was 29 when he died from complications of AIDS in 1989, a time in which the disease as still considered a “gay man’s disease.”

Oprah’s brother Jeffrey and her sister Patricia are both deceased, and death has been a constant companion for Oprah. But her half-sister Patricia is the miracle of miracles, the one’s that only come around once in a lifetime.

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