Oprah’s Favorite Things 2010 Part 2: Audience Gets Big Surprise!

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Oprah’s favorite things 2010 really wowed the audience. For the first time ever, Oprah has done a second-part of her “Favorite Things” giveaway, to mark her final season.

Last Friday’s audience, for the first part of Oprah’s favorite things giveaway, got an astonishing array of products, including a week-long cruise, a fancy camera and some beautiful jewelry.

If you thought Oprah’s favorite things were great on the first episode, then you’re in for quite a surprise when you hear about what  Oprah gave away on Monday in part two of Oprah’s favorite things 2010.

Oprah shocked her audience by giving them all iPads to start out with and then continued to shock them with clothes, and other amazing items. However, she saved the best for last.

At the very end, Oprah put the audience into overdrive by giving every single person in the audience a new car! This episode was so special that the car (a 2012 VW Beetle) won’t even be released for another year. Can you imagine the joyful atmosphere of the audience? Not only did they get treated to a concert by Johnny Mathis and Josh Groban, but they got a new car as well! How lucky were they? A fantastic ending to her final season you’d have to say. The stage was beautifully decorated, and Oprah looked wonderful as always.

This year, Oprah outdid herself with her favorite things, which surely was the point as this is her farewell season and the last time we’ll get the joy of seeing the audience go crazy as they receive bundles of free gifts! But as Oprah’s commercial states, when asked what she is going to do, she replies ” I am going to do what I love, even bigger.” So, maybe we will be in for even more excitement when she begins her new venture. 

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