‘Oprah’s Next Chapter’ Recap: Mary Jo Buttafucco and Jason Russell

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This week on Oprah’s Next Chapter, Oprah revisits Mary Jo Buttafucco and Jason Russell.

1992 Amy Fisher shot Mary Jo Buttafucco in the head. Mary Jo says she felt the explosion in her head. It missed her brain by a fraction of an inch. Amy pleaded guilty to attempted murder and was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

In 1999 Mary Jo asked the court to release Amy because she had forgiven Amy. Mary Jo was on the road to recovery. Shortly after Amy’s release, Mary Jo and her husband, Joey, divorced.

Amy (the Long Island Lolita) recanted that in 2004 she didn’t mean to shoot Mary Jo. She said that she hit her with the gun and it fired. But Oprah wasn’t buying it. She responded, “You told me that you went over there to kill her.”

Mary Jo Buttafucco saw the video in 2004 and wanted to tell her side of the story. She came on Oprah in 2005 with her rebuttal. She didn’t think Amy was sincere and said, “It annoyed me.” Mary Jo, as a result of the gunfire, has a slight paralysis on the right side of her face.

Dr. Babk Azzizadeh saw her on TV and wanted to help her. He is the founder of the Facial Paralysis Foundation. He got in touch with Mary Jo. Seven months later she had surgery and got her smile back.

Today Mary Jo is remarried and living in Las Vegas. She’s been married ten years now and is very happy. She said she was married to Joey for 25 years and was never really content. She has a very limited relationship with Joey today.

In 2004 Oprah had a Wedding giveaway for a dream wedding. Three couples were chosen as the finalists and the audience chose the winner. Sharon and El were the winners and six months later they were married at the Bel-Air hotel. Today they are still as in love as they were in 2004. They live in L.A where El is an actor. He has been fortunate to be in the recent film, Think like a Man.

Jason RussellOne of the finalist couples, Chris and Jamie, are divorced today. And the last finalist couple was Jason and Danika Russell. Jason Russell is the founder of Invisible Children and the Kony 2012 video that went viral. You can read more about Jason here.

Oprah’s Next Chapter airs on OWN 9/8c.

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