Opryland Hotel Flood Evacuation: Nashville Flooding [PHOTO]

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The historic Opryland Hotel flooded today due to extreme amounts of rain in Nashville. 1,500 guests were evacuated from the Opryland Hotel in Nashville today, while employees watch the historic hotel flood with water.

The Opryland Hotel’s water levels have risen to 10 feet above floor level, witnesses say. It is likely that major repairs will have to be made. The Opryland Hotel’s courtyard is completely submerged in water.


Other affected Nashville attractions include the Country Music Hall of Fame, which has suffered extreme flood damage and will likely take years of repair work to rectify. LP Field, home field of the Tennessee Titans, is completely covered in water. It may be difficult to practice in leg-deep water.

The amount of rainfall recorded in Nashville was 13.53 inches, a record for two days of rainfall. This enormous amount of rain caused a rise in the nearby Cumberland River, flooding many of Nashville’s attractions.

Violent weather such as this rainfall could suggest that climate change is taking its toll on much of our society. We need to find more means of limiting carbon emissions in order to save what we do have. Your home could be next.

The Opryland Hotel is almost completely submerged with water:

Here is a clip from the Tennessean:



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