Oregon Library Cat Evicted: 14 Years Old Harmless Cat Gets the Boot (Video)

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Willamina, Oregon – A library cat that is 14 years has been evicted after years of faithful duty at the Willamina Public Library. The city council voted 4-0 that only service animals would be allowed to enter public buildings. In short, the 14-year-old library cat was being evicted.

This wasn’t the first time Willamina, Oregon’s city council tried to evict the library cat. In 2005, the city council reached the same decision but town outrage and support for the library cat caused the city council to change their mind. This time however, the cat will just be given a retirement party which is probably a better decision considering the cat is already 14 years old. In human years, the library cat would be 98! Who wouldn’t want to retire by that age?

Apparently, the Oregon library cat aka Agatha Christie or Aggie for short was involved in a “scratching” incident on September 28. Even though Aggie was declawed years earlier, a child claims Aggie scratched her. The child’s grandparents took this complaint to city hall and then the cat got evicted.

Don’t feel too bad for ol’ Aggie though. Her new home will be with Cindy and Mike Lessick in a rural part of Willamina where there will no longer be strange adults or children trying to pet or bother her. Aggie’s retirement party is set for Saturday, November 20 at the Willamina Public Library. It will last for an hour and begin at 1 p.m.


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