Oregon Library Cat Evicted – 14 Years Too Long (Video)

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The Willamina, Oregon city council voted to have a Oregon library cat evicted. 14 years of age is too old for the council. “Animals get grouchy when they get older” said one person on the city council of the cat named Agatha Christie. The Willamina city council voted 4 to 0 to evict the cat from its life-long home. 

It’s not the first time the city council has attempted to have the Oregon library cat evicted. The council voted in 2005 to ban all but guide animals from city-owned buildings. An outcry arose from the community and the council decided to make an exception for the Agatha Christie. An apparently compassionate reaction or fear of not being reelected must have over come the members. Hamlet and Othello, two hamsters at the library, had to go but the cat was allowed to stay. 

The vote was in reaction to a woman’s claim that the mostly toothless and de-clawed cat bit and scratched her 2-year-old daughter. Head Librarian Melissa Hansen defended the cat by saying, ”She is the most laid back cat there is. She’s been de-clawed and she hardly has any teeth. She has to eat soft food. Anything a small child can do to an animal, it’s been done to Agie. Over the years, I’ve seen all kinds of things happen to her. She has never gone on the offensive. She just gets away and hides under my desk.” 

Some people believe the blame goes to the he woman who got the Oregon library cat evicted. 14 years of soft living in a library would not make a cat cranky. A woman who thinks her child should run wild might. If the cat is almost toothless and has no claws, it is possible the woman was just trying to make a little cash from the Oregon library?


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