Oreo Breastfeeding Ad Stirs Debate and Protest

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A print ad created in South Korea showing a breastfeeding baby holding an Oreo cookie has some critics in an uproar. What’s it all about?

The ad, which was never intended for public exposure, nonetheless was published online and has caused both sides of the issue to hail and condemn the picture. Critics argue that it sexualizes a natural process while those who like the ad say it helps to publicize the debate over mothers nurturing their children in public.

No matter what, it’s just plain weird. What are they trying to accomplish? Is there an ad executive in the world who can’t see this is offensive and brainless?

Forget about the breastfeeding in public argument. Why anyone would be offended by that is mystifying to begin with. But to push Oreo cookies? Is NABISCO seriously trying to get babies hooked on their products? What about child obesity and the epidemic of babies suffering from cavities in their baby teeth?

It’s good to know this ad wasn’t really intended for public consumption, but the fact it was even made shows that some people are willing to go to any lengths, offensive or not, to sell products.

Here’s a link to the ad.

What do you think? Is this offensive?

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