Oreo Turns 100 and YouTube Offers 100 Ways to Eat the Famous Cookie

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Oreo turns 100 years old today and it has a lot to celebrate. Originally the cookie created by National Biscuit Company in Manhattan, New York was sold by a grocer in Hoboken, New Jersey. Now, 100 years later, the famous sandwich cookie is sold worldwide. The cookie has been through five design changes and three different manufacturers, but, its sales have stayed strong and over 95 million Oreos are sold each day. That equates to over a million dollars in sales per year for its current manufacturer, Kraft Foods. So what has made the cookie survive for this long and continue to beat out its competition?

Becky Tousey, Kraft Foods’ corporate archivist said the brand’s message had maintained the same theme in its advertising over the years. “The focus of advertising was on the fun of eating Oreos, the fun of the parts of the Oreo,” she told ABC News. “It has that theme of the enjoyment — the twisting, the licking, the dunking. For me, as a historian, it’s fun to see that thread throughout.”

So, how will people choose to celebrate Oreo turning 100? For starters, people can visit Kraft’s website for birthday celebration recipes and ideas. If you want some unique ways to eat a Oreo, YouTube offers over 100 videos of ways to eat the chocolate, cream-filled cookie. If you are really creative you may want to post your own video of how you eat your cookie on YouTube or post pictures on Kraft’s Oreo gallery.

Do you like to twist your cookie or do you dunk it in milk? Comment on your favorite way to enjoy the 100-year-old Oreo.

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