ORGANIC LIASON: Kirstie Alley Founder of New Weight Loss Product [VIDEO]

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Organic Liason is a new weight loss elixir which was founded by Kirstie Alley to help Americans lose weight quickly. Kirstie Alley is saying that she has already lost about 20 pounds within 8 weeks on Organic Liason.

Kirstie Alley was a sponsor for Jenny Craig, when she lost a bunch of weight, but unfortunately the weight loss was short lived and Alley put her weight back on. This quick weight gain after weight loss is very common, but Jenny craig was not happy, obviously.

Kirstie Alley explained to Americans, “I’m not a doctor or a nutritionist – I’m a regular person like you who has been struggling with her weight and searching and praying for a weight loss program to end that forever. Now my dream is a reality. I’ve been afforded access to the best products in the world.

Alley continued by saying “I’ve been researching and developing Organic Liaison for the past two years with the help of the greatest scientific minds on the planet. I can promise you our certified weight loss elixir, Rescue Me, takes on excess hunger and cravings. It will support your body and flood your body with the missing elements that make weight loss an uphill battle.”

Organic Liason founder, Alley also said “Join me on my own weight loss journey – I’ve lost over twenty pounds since January 1st… and I don’t crave or have my usual huge appetite.”

Okay Americans so what do we think is it going to work this time? Hmm…I just don’t know, but I am thinking it won’t, because nothing does work. But knowing me…I will give it a try anyway!

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