Organic Milk Shortage, Expect Price Increases

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New year’s resolutions vowing to eat organic may get derailed for dairy-lovers. A shortage of organic grain and hay is leading to lower organic milk production in the southeast and east coast.

Organic farmers are feeding their cows less due to the shortage. In turn, the animals are producing less milk. Unless more traditional hay producers, grain-growers and dairy farms convert to an organic method, expect the cost of organic milk to rise in the coming weeks.

Will this trend of supply and demand start to affect other organic crops, such as organic beef and chicken? After all, they also eat hay and grains. As organic diets become increasingly popular, are America’s farmers ready to support the increasing demand for chemical-free foods?

Organic Valley milk is already experiencing an increasingly higher demand for its organic milk, but simply can’t keep the product stocked in supermarket coolers, according to a New York Times report. Already noticing a lack of organic milk at the store? Please comment below!

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