Organizers for Republican convention release lineup, including last minute changes

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Organizers for the Republican National Convention have released the primetime lineup for the convention which begins Monday, August 27 in Tampa, FL. The schedule reflects the last minute switch of Ann Romney’s speech from the opening night of the convention, which will not receive television coverage from the three major networks, to Tuesday night. Florida Senator Marco Rubio offered his spot on Thursday to the popular wife of presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney. However, it was decided that Mrs. Romney would take New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez’s spot, with the governor being moved to Wednesday night.

Some may find it surprising that the opening speech on Monday night will be given by former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, given the fact that his brother former President George W. Bush is so frequently criticized by liberals as being responsible for the economic crisis which came at the tail end of Bush’s eight years in the White House. Jeb Bush is, however, a very popular politician; one who many conservatives would like to see as a future presidential candidate.

The complete primetime lineup, as reported by Roll Call, is as follows:

Monday: former Florida Governor Jeb Bush; South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley; former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee.

Tuesday: Ann Romney; Mrs. Luce Vela Fortuno, wife of Puerto Rico Governor Luis Fortuno; New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, the official convention keynote speaker.

Wednesday: New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez; former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice; House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan (WI). Senator Ryan, who is Mitt Romney’s running mate, will accept the GOP nomination for vice president.

Thursday: Florida Senator Marco Rubio; former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, who will accept the GOP nomination for president.

While any event that includes such dynamic speakers as Gov. Chris Christie is bound to be exciting, Hurricane Isaac may bring about the wrong kind of excitement. CBS News reports that the number of delegates, party officials, journalists, protesters, and others expected at the Republican convention comes to about 70,000. Organizers are said to have as many as five plans in place in case the conference is disrupted by the storm.

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