Orly Taitz Meets with GOP Staffers

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Orly Taitz, notoriously known as the “birther queen” met with GOP staffers this week but her account of their meeting differs greatly from what they told sources. The queen of the birther movement surely has delusions of grandeur.

Orly Taitz

Sources report that Orly Taitz has been boasting up a storm about going to meet staffers for Rep. Allen West and Steve King as well as senators Marco Rubio and Jim Inhofe. Her boasting of the visit with the staffers for the GOP favorites includes claims that the Reps and Senators agree with her assumptions that President Barack Obama is committing Social Security fraud and isn’t a United States Citizen.

However, sources reveal that the staffers claim:

[Orly Taitz]Came by to drop off some material and the chief of staff was polite enough to answer her questions.

So which is it? Could Orly just have delusions of grandeur (highly likely) or do these candidates truly support her far-out and ridiculous claims (less likely)? Orly’s own post on her website shows that she’s either very inventive or these people are actually acknowledging her beyond the weirdo she obviously is:

They were very supportive and very helpful. One of them is Leonard Collins; the other is J.R. Sanchez. Although maybe not as much as Sen. Coburn’s chief of staff, they are very much aware of what is going on. As a matter of fact, in my presence, they went online to the Selective Service website, and they checked their own Selective Service registration to make sure that indeed, when you answer with your full name, your birth date, and your social security number, you can get verification. Each one of them went online and did it for himself to make sure that this indeed was correct. Assistant Legal Counsel Sanchez was very supportive, and he actually got in touch with Mr. Jipping, who is the legal counsel for Sen. Orrin Hatch. Hatch is the ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Both Mr. Sanchez and Mr. Schwarz urged Mr. Jipping to give me an opportunity to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Either way, sources note that Orly Taitz hasn’t ever been successful in her lawsuits against Barack Obama. Every one of them has been thrown out in the past for “total lack of merit.” She’s just obsessed, like a lot of birthers are. President Barack Obama showed his birth certificates and there are even newspapers from his birth date acknowledging his birth, like some newspapers do with children and even wedding announcements. Some still do today!

The conspiracy theorist mouthpiece, Orly Taitz, is probably never going to go away; but she certainly does prove to be as entertaining as the train wrecks in Hollywood.


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