Osbourne is Returning to ‘X Factor’ After 2 Years – Sharon is Back

News that Sharon Osbourne is returning to X Factor two years after she quit is stirring up some controversy. Osbourne infamously quit X Factor in 2008 after not getting along with fellow judge, Dannii Minogue.

Cropped image of Sharon Osbourne at the Concer...According to Wire Trends, Sharon Osbourne will be returning to X Factor as a guest judge. Sharon will only be appearing on one episode to help fellow judge Louis Walsh determine which talents should become finalists during the “judges’ houses stage of the competition.”

Now Magazine reports that Louis Walsh is excited to have Sharon Osbourne returning to X Factor, even if it’s just a one time deal. The two got along well but it was Osbourne’s open feud with fellow host, Dannii Minogue, that made headlines in 2007. Sharon eventually quit the show

X Factor is a “talent search” themed show which airs in the United Kingdom. The showwas created in 2004 as a reality TV competition show with singers competing to see if they are the one with that special “x factor.” The show was created by Simon Cowell who is known in the USA for America’s Got Talent. X Factor currently has four judges: Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh, Dannii Minogue and Cheryl Cole. Cole was Sharon Osbourne’s replacement when Osbourne left.

It will be interesting to see how all the judges will interact with each other when Sharon Osbourne returns to X Factor. Maybe Osbourne and Dannii Minogue will be able to get along now since it has been two years and both are mature adults but that is not what audiences want; audiences want bickering and arguments. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens when the episode airs.



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