Oscar 2011: Swag Bags Filled With $75,000 Worth of Goods in a Recession?

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The 2011 Oscars have got everyone talking. However, more than the stars and films, the real issue is the swag bags. Who decided it would be a good idea to give away $75,000 worth of goods while we’re in a recession?

The 2011 Oscar swag bags are a point of concern amid the glamorous dresses, beautiful people and award-worthy films. Whether the stars win or lose, they always get something good after the show is over.

This yearÂ’s over the top swag bag includes quite a few things that the average person would have to work a year just to afford.  There are timepieces from The Kim Kardashian’s Signature Watch Collection and skincare products and treatments. Need a break after the big day? Well, then how about a $12,000 trip to Cayo Espanto in Belize and a $16,000 getaway in the Maldives to relax and be pampered? Sounds great doesn’t it? But, is it fair to show the world how the other half lives – getting free luxury goods and staying in five-star hotels?

Even the pets don’t go away empty handed, receiving Nulo natural pet foods and pet friendly cleaning products.

The Oscar’s are always an extravagant awards show, but it’s really no wonder that it’s the hottest ticket in town. Who wouldn’t want to walk away with almost $100,000 in luxury goods?

Even those who aren’t nominated or don’t win an Oscar are given something in the form of gifting suites, which are set up at various hotels across Tinseltown. Celebrities can go into these suites and pick out anything they want. Can you imagine what a normal person, who is working themselves to death and still living paycheck to paycheck would do with all of these luxury gifts? It all just seems unfair and irresponsible for Hollywood to go out and advertise its wealth when the rest of the nation is hoping and praying for a miracle.

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