Oscar Fan fun: Drinks, Parties and television predictions part of the delight

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While the primping and program is being ironed out, the fans are getting ready too. The 82nd Annual Academy Awards are only two days away and that doesn’t leave much time to plan but you can have some fun for the ceremony, even if you are not at the Academy Awards.

Consider having an Oscar Party. Invite over a few friends, make a few ballots and predict who will win (and lose) the famous award show. It doesn’t need to be fancy and a movie critic lives on every corner, so your friends should have a great time discussing (or it is cussing) the latest flicks.

Make some Oscar Drinks. In light of the nominees, the going rage is to have a few sips of a Oscar nominee drink that honors the flick. Check out the few available here or make a few of your own for your favorites.

Predictions, predictions, predictions. Before the award show gets going, take a minute to decide who you think the Oscar goes to. Make your selection carefully as you don’t want to offend Hollywood.

The night of the 82nd Academy Awards will be a delight for those in Hollywood and around the world. Cheers to the nominees and congratulations to the winners.

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