Oscar Pistorius and Kirani James Trade Race Bibs

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Double amputee Oscar Pistorius knows you win some things in life and other times you lose. When he failed to make the finals of the 400-meter race in the Summer Games, he kept his spirits soaring by trading race bibs with a new friend.

He’s the runner who has inspired millions of people around the world. Pistorius has proven there are no limitations when it comes to the power of the human spirit. Although he is minus the legs most people take for granted, Oscar uses the ones he earned with grace, determination and heart. Furthermore, he does it in ways most people simply cannot fathom.

The paralympian could have wallowed in self-pity after failing to make it to the finals of the race he very much wanted to win. Instead, he took the loss with courage and wished his competitors well. He even went so far as to trade race bibs with the reigning world champion — Kirani James.

“As soon as we cross the finished lines, we’re friends,” said Oscar Pistorius of James. He felt honored that James was willing to trade bibs. “It was very kind of him,” he insisted. “We share a similar life. It’s what the Olympics is all about.”

Undoubtedly, James feels honored too; to trade bibs with one of the world’s newest heroes.

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