Oscars 2011: PS 22 Chorus Grand Finale Performance, Then Oprah! (Video)

The PS 22 Chorus performed during the 2011 Oscars grand finale at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood, and they were truly heartwarming and a high point of the show. The Staten Island grade school children sang a perennial favorite “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” led by Chorus Director Gregg (Mr. B. ) Breinberg.


What an event this must have been for the 64 fifth graders who hail from Graniteville Elementary School in Staten Island, New York. The stunning PS 22 Chorus received a standing ovation from the crowd, which they quite deserved.

Anita Lisnow, one of the chorus members teachers, said, “It’s amazing to see these little kids from Staten Island got to this amazing place. You feel like a proud mom.”

There is no doubt. The children even arrived and walked the red carpet, and they were perfect on there. The entire PS 22 Chorus was quite well turned out, and they did an excellent job even though it had to have been way past their bedtimes by the time the Oscars 2011 grand finale rolled around.

Once the PS 22 Chorus finished “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” Oscar co-host Anne Hathaway congratulated the children telling them they had done it! These kids are no stranger to celebrities though – they have even performed for the president, so they are quite past the star-struck phase.

It is fabulous that these children were afforded this opportunity at the 83rd Annual Academy awards. Amazingly, the children even had a performance the day after the 2011 Oscars. They sang Katy Perry’s “firework” with the singer on Oprah, which was at the Kodak Theater. Guess what Oprah gave each child? A Galaxy Tab tablet! Wow. What a great few days the children have had!

Did you see the PS 22 Chorus sing at the 2011 Oscars? Many people ended up turning off the TV a little early, so if you missed them, check out the video below. You will not be disappointed.

Oscars 2011: PS 22 Chorus Grand Finale Performance, Then Oprah! (Video)

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