Oscars Nominations, Best Picture– Hurt Locker vs. Avatar?

The Oscars are less than five days away and the commotion about who will win Best Picture is surrounding two films, The Hurt Locker and Avatar.  Hosted by Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin, the Oscars are going to bring comedy, suspense, and maybe a little horror if James Cameron wins for Best Director.  Up against his ex-wife, Kathryn Bigelow in the Best Director category, Cameron and Bigelow are the two who will battle it out–according to the gossip geese these days.

The Hurt Locker was an unbelievable movie, filmed in a documentary style it felt like you were in Iraq with the soldiers.  The basis of The Hurt Locker is it follows a group of elite Army bomb squad soldiers who have each developed their own way of looking death in the face everyday.  The acting is some of the best I have ever seen, the camera work and lack of soundtrack give the movie so much depth, it is truly Oscar’s Best Picture quality.

Avatar has all the hype of being a “modern day” film.  There is no denying the awe inspiring special effects or the fan base it has stirred, however, does this film hold enough water to really win an Oscar for Best Picture?  I am not so sure.

Also I know this may be a fantasy because The Hurt Locker and Avatar are reigning in as the two main competitors for the Best Picture, but what about the other great movies nominated for this category:

The Blind Side

District 9

An Education

Inglorious Bastards

Precious: Based on the novel “Push” by Sapphire

A Serious Man


Up in the Air

If you take Avatar and The Hurt Locker out of the category, who do you think should the Oscar should go to for Best Picture?

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