Oscars Winners 2011 – ‘Inception’ Claims Three Early Awards

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Some of the Oscars Winners have already been announced, and the film Inception has already claimed three early awards this evening. Way to go for everyone involved in the film!

Inception snagged the Oscars for Cinematography, Sound Mixing, and Sound Editing. This shouldn’t be a huge surprise, because the movie was absolutely fabulous! The Oscars are still airing, but will Inception win more Oscars before the night is over?

For anyone who has not seen Inception, it is a science fiction film, written, produced, and directed by Christopher Nolan. The movie stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Ken Watanabe, as well as several other Hollywood Stars.

Who do you think will be the biggest Oscars Winners of 2011? Are you happy with the Oscars that have been awarded thus far, or do you feel there are any stars who should be Oscars Winners, but have been overlooked? What was your favorite movie of 2010? Please share your thoughts below!

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