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Our 15 year old dog Brandy is in the pet hospital. She has been bleeding from her mouth now for several days.  At first we thought she had broken a tooth, because she couldn't eat any crunchy or lumpy food all of a sudden.  Since Saturday I have been giving her ground canned food twice a day which she manages to get down.  I took her into the vet to have her teeth checked and there were not any broken teeth.  When the vet was examaning her, her mouth started bleeding pretty heavily.  The Dr. Was rather alarmed.  He couldn't tell where it was coming from so they are keeping her, doing a blood panel tonight and then putting her under anesthesia tomorrow so he can examine her mouth more closely.  He also thinks she has a heart murmer and a rather severe one.  He doesn't know for sure though, because she was so freaked out from having her mouth examined she wouldn't hold still and was shaking so hard.  Poor baby!  He said because of her age and the possible heart murmer that it will be risky for her and said he was using the least risky anesthesia. We lost her mother, Sandy, on Easter Morning.   I hope we don't lose her too!    Brandy is my late son Dustin's dog! 


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