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We took a quick trip to South Carolina this past weekend.  We drove down on Friday and drove back on Sunday. We had tons of excuses to make this trip reasonable.  Well, we thought so anyway. :)

1.  Victoria did not have room in their tiny car to take all her Christmas gifts home.  So we had all of those still at the house. 

2. Haley, Parker and Grayson was growing up and we were missing it.

3.  We had been cooped up all winter in this drab, stormy area.

4.  We needed a break.

So we took those excuses and packed our bags for this quickie trip.  We had just bought our first smart.  I took tons of photos with mine. I am anxious to see how they show up on Gather.  These are a few of the photos I took with my iPhone while we were there.

My husband Roger with two of your Grand-children, Haley and Parker


Parker made an unbrella from his tinker toys.









Our newest Grandchild, Grayson.  He looks just like Roger.









Parker, being Parker. LOL      Grayson getting ready to cry









This is my “little Man”


















Haley is Grandpa’s Gal, as you can see from the photos




























                                                                                         Victoria’s husband Ron



















The following photos were all taken just before Church on Sunday. We left after church.









Haley is at home here with my hat on. LOL Wonder if she is going to love hats as much as I do?

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