OUT OF THE VALLEY-Thurdays Writing Essential-Journey

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There is a place he with the pain of loss must go

To be free to really live again and to grow.

The valley of the shadows of grief lies

Between the broken-hearted and new sunrises.


The slow cortege surely fills with dread

 Him who carries his beautiful dreams, now dead.

As he drags the hearse forward, he earnestly prays

For a miracle of resurrection along the way.


In his heart he knows the old life is gone

And the futility of his hanging on.

So he gathers his courage and moves ahead,

Seeing only dimly through tears he sheds.


Burying the memories and plans so dear

Cuts so deeply and fills him with such fear.

Will letting go really his bitterness cleanse?

Dare he ever trust or try loving again?


Stricken with despair in heart and soul,

He inters the past as the mournful bell tolls

Blindly he reaches out into the now empty air,

To find nurturing friends and God waiting there.


A new road he must travel but never alone.

One day at a time he moves toward home.

New beginnings he sees through the veil torn

And knows only by dying to the past his future is born.


©2012 Alice Grimes


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I am very definitely honest and faithful. I have compassion for hurting people. I love mountains and beaches, flowers, lakes and streams, thunder storms and moonlight. I am a perfectionist so that I have trouble letting go of what I write (or paint). I d

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