Outlaw Biker Leads Fort Worth Police on Dangerous Chase

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An outlaw biker who probably watched Easy Rider one too many times led Fort Worth, Texas, police on a chase Thursday night. It’s the stuff movies are made of, complete with a Harley Davidson, a helmetless dude, a controlled substance violation, and touch of police brutality thrown in for good measure. All that was missing, thankfully, was death by fiery crash.

The culprit was 46-year-old Terry Glenn Sillers, who was wanted on a violation of federal parole for a controlled substance. Instead of giving in willingly, good ‘ole Terry hopped on his bike and sped away. Why he expected to get away is a mystery. He has several distinct tattoos that are visible on his neck and arms. Not only that, he was being pursued by numerous police cruisers and an unmarked vehicle. A traffic helicopter filmed the chase, where Sillers raced at high speeds along city streets, drove the wrong way, and crossed medians in a futile but heroic attempt to evade the law.

In the video posted by Fox 4 News, Sillers could be seen looking into police cruisers as they drew up along side of him. He appeared to taunt them, goading them on. Twice he almost stopped, only to rev it up and speed away. Either an empty gas tank or sanity prevailed, and he finally pulled over on Loop 820 near the 121 split in Arlington and put the kick stand down. Before he could get off the bike, however, he was tackled by two plain clothes officers. After he was already down, a chunky officer ran up clumsily, slipped in the grass, got up again, and apparently punched Sillers a couple times before joining the group tackle. The Fort Worth PD is currently investigating that incident.

Sillers, who has a rap sheet longer than a double roll of toilet paper, is now in the custody of federal marshals.

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