Over and Done

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over and done

”the past is past!” they often say

it’s past and gone away

the joy, the pain, the loss, the loves

all of a bygone day.

for every good and painful thing

is equally the same

gone and only recollected

a nostalgic picture framed

some memories we’re glad to drop

no need for a refrain

but there are some we’d love to live

time and time again

some memories of slights and pain

we’d drop into the sea

forgetting them a treasured gift

that time’s afforded me

mistakes, missteps, misjudgments, hate

all sought to conquer me

and when they did not overcome

were overcome by me

but what of moments dearly loved

that formed….directed me

to be the man I have become

that helped me rightly see?

what of those moments, gone like all,

we’d gladly live anew?

would place our feet in footprints left

by me as well as you.

o, if we’d another stab

at things for granted taken

we’d better love…..appreciate

the ones we’d dropped…..forsaken

you were a presence in my life

a friend, we know, and more

an ever-present, faithful one

in every thought before

companion constant, tried and true

a loyal friend to me

we shared a bond, we touched, we longed

we set our passion free

but we were young – our lives unlived

our futures both obscured

and we believed our piece of it

was still to be procured

brave and young, we stretched our arms

to grab the golden ring

the future bright – unknown – enticed.

ahead lay everything

we could not grasp our destiny

with hands that are not free

and in my grasping, left behind

someone precious to me

eternally, time moves ahead

at a steady, steady jog

and memories, both good and not, are

blanketed in fog

they languish there and dormant lie

content to idle be

until a spark – some random thought

will summon them to me

memories of you and me

un-treasured – kept at bay

and then, by chance, you graced my sight

it seemed like yesterday

then like the madeleines of Proust,

at tea, became the key

unlocked the door – reposed’ thoughts

became epiphany

those memories possess me now

in mind, there floating free

like seeds, take root in every nook

you’re everywhere I see

your hair is soft; is smooth and shines

your eyes are ether-blue

your smile is wide – your touch is keen

your body – lusts imbues

“the past is past!” they always say;

the subject of our learning,

but, prospects of reliving it

with you have my heart churning

for here you stand before me now

you’re statuesque, ideal

another chance to get it right

to make our memories real

I reach for you and you for me

first touch electrifies

our first kiss is a testament

to truth and bliss…sweet sighs!

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