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Olivia has overdosed. She lies on her
Bed, the curtains moving in the wind
Through the window. Billie Holiday sings
On the Hifi, the voice sad, the cool jazz
Sounds, in the background. She lies naked,
Her hands at her sides, her feet pointing
In diverse directions, her eyes closed, her
Mouth open. Beside her on the bed, his
Note. Markson has left her for some other,
All over, dumped, flat on her ass. Trumpet
Notes fill the room, a saxophone enters,
Billie sings on, her voice touching the off
White ceiling, the sadness still there, her
Tone, the feeling. Olivia has shot up veins,
Her hair folds about her face, she has fallen,
Through nets, through her angel’s fingers, has
Fallen from her lover’s love and God’s grace.

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