Ozzy Osborne May Have Birmingham Airport Named For Him

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Ozzy Osborne has finally lived long enough that his home town may want to express official pride in him. Birmingham, England is considering renaming Birmingham Airport for him.

In doing so, the city would be following the lead of Liverpool, which renamed its airport after John Lennon, and Belfast, who renamed theirs after footballer George Best.

Back in the days when Osborne was forming Black Sabbath with his old school mates Tony Iommi, “Geezer” Butler, and Bill Ward, creating civic pride was the last thing on their minds. It was all about making heavy metal music, getting girls, and partying.

Since then, Osborne, both with Black Sabbath and solo, has certainly become Birmingham’s most well-known import.

Osborne was born and raised in Birmingham. According to an article at Mail Online, the website of the Daily Mail, Jim Simpson, who discovered Black Sabbath, stated:

“How does the Ozzy Osborne International Airport resonate? The message says, ‘Hey world, we are proud of our own’.

‘Ozzy might not always have been a paragon of virtue, but he is a genuine, flesh and blood Brummie.”

Councillor Phillip Parkin admitted talks have taken place about renaming the airport after Osborne, but he said he would like to know what more people think of the idea first. Renaming the airport Ozzy Air or something of the sort would certainly give Birmingham a much more interesting and exciting aura, and could well be a real boon to tourism. Which would you rather tell your friends? “I’m flying into Birmingham Airport.” or “I’ll be landing at Ozzy Osborne Airport?”

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