Pa. City’s Online Wall of Sham Exposes Blighted Property Owners

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Pennsylvania’s Reading city mayor has posted an online ‘wall of shame‘ which exposes owners who have neglected their properties. This online ‘wall of shame’ will show photos of blighted properties along with their addresses.

Tom McMahon, Mayor of Reading, Pennsylvania, USAThe blighted properties addresses are listed along with the owners name in hopes that owners will take notice and fix their properties. If owners ignore the online ‘wall of shame’ and continue to neglect their properties, those properties could possibly be demolished.

It’s apparent at least one man in charge has had enough with the abuse and neglect of his said town and that man is Reading Mayor Tom McMahon.

Mayor McMahon said, “We are ramping up our focus on irresponsible property owners that are bringing blight into our city neighborhoods. For 2010, we have 60 properties … and 10 of them have been formally brought into the process to be designated as blighted properties.

“If owners don’t respond we will take every action necessary to remove the blight, including tearing properties down. I say this to owners of derelict properties in our city: you can run, but you cannot hide.

“The whole world will know who you are and what you are doing to our neighborhoods and City. Make no mistake about it — we are coming after you.”

WOW! What can one say about that! There are already online ‘walls of shame’ such as online lists which name sexual predators, john and prostitutes, and prison inmates but this is certainly a unique list… is it right though?

Have these owners broken any laws which require this public online shaming? What do you think? Is this online wall of shame necessary and is it right? Though this kind of shaming seems extreme, it maybe the motivation neglectful owners need to get their properties in order.

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