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The Pacific Ocean has an energy that is very different from the Gulf of Mexico. Come take a walk with me on a beach by Half Moon Bay in California.

The sand is brown and fairly coarse, and the water is quite rough. It is a foggy afternoon with strong winds…

If you turn around you can see the cliffs:

Of course we have to get at least our feet wet…
Water coming in…

And flowing out…

This seaweed looks for all the world like pasta with parmesan!

Another view of the seaweed -
The image

Close-up of this seaweed.

A tree up on the cliff. The cliff is being eroded by wind and weather… see the roots?

Gull marching out, Sandpiper marching in!

This is no docile ocean!

Another type of seaweed

Seaweed up close
Notice the sand. It is rough to walk on barefoot, but beautiful!

The water is stupendous!

Every ocean in the world has its own energy. For want of a better word – this one is STRONG!

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