‘Package Size” Causes Matt Lauer to Lose It on ‘Today’ (Video)

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Matt Lauer is renowned for staying cool under fire. He’s one of the most respected morning journalists for his tough questioning when it’s called for and taking the heat that asking those questions sometimes brings. But mention the word ‘package’ to him and he loses it. Literally.

On the ’4th hour’ of The Today Show this morning the girls called Matt out for an earlier segment instructing consumers to be wary of product repackaging by food makers which cost the same, but yield less.

When it came time to ask a pointed question, about whether the ‘size of the package’ really matters or not, well… see for yourself…

Who can blame Matt Lauer? The question is loaded and just about anyone would be thinking of the double entendre to themselves. It’s about time Matt Lauer finally broke.
But it just goes to show…
Size DOES Matter!


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