Pacquiao vs. Bradley Fight Results: Manny Comments on Who Won the Fight

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With the Pacquiao vs. Bradley fight results now “official,” many fans are questioning the judges’ decisions. So is Manny Pacquiao himself, who recently gave his comments on who won the fight in Las Vegas.

With HBO’s live boxing event now over, a main event victory has been shadowed by controversy. According to a Reuters report via Yahoo! News, “Pac-man” believed 100% that he was the winner of the boxing match Saturday night. The judges gave the 12-round fight as a split decision victory to the undefeated Bradley though. That meant the underdog won the WBO welterweight title from one of the best “pound-for-pound” in the ring.

Manny said post-fight regarding the decision:

“I didn’t listen to the announcement because I thought I had won (verdicts from) all the judges.”

“I respect the decision but 100 percent I believe I won the fight. I don’t even remember if he hurt me one punch. He got me with a couple of jabs but I don’t remember if he hit me a solid punch in my face.”

“I give Bradley credit, maybe three rounds for him because in some rounds I relax. Aside from three rounds, every round I hurt him.”

The final decision saw Pacquiao lose the fight with scores of 115-113 in favor of Bradley from judges Duane Ford and CJ Ross. Judge Jerry Roth gave Pacquiao the 115-113 though, which others believed he should have received across the board. Despite the loss, Manny is nowhere near finished with this particular opponent, as he also said post-fight:

“It will make me a warrior in having this kind of rematch. I want to finish him before the whole 12 rounds. I want the rematch.”

Those are “fighting words,” no doubt, but the question will be when this fight will actually happen. It could be months before promoters and the boxers get this one inked and official. Still, it will make for an exciting rematch that Pac-man fans will be hungry to see, as the scorned ex-champion looks to avenge his surprising (and controversial) loss.

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