Pacquiao vs. Bradley Fight Results: Who Won Timothy Bradley and Manny Pacquiao Fight?

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Shocking news has arrived from the Pacquiao vs. Bradley fight results for boxing on Saturday night. Many fans are waking up to surprising news on Sunday as they wonder “who won the Timtohy Bradley versus Manny Pacquiao fight?”

The answer is Timothy Bradley, who pulled off a stunning upset of Manny Pacquiao late Sunday. The Bradley victory didn’t come without controversy though. The undefeated underdog was awarded a split decision by the judges even though many others believed Pacquiao had the fight well in hand. Two judges didn’t believe that Pac-man had it though, and ended an impressive seven-year stretch for the man considered the best in the boxing ring.

Bradley made his marks during the late rounds, when he won five of the last six rounds, according to two judges’ scorecards. Post-fight, Bradley made the bold comment about his victory saying:

“I thought I won the fight. I didn’t think he was as good as everyone says he was. I didn’t feel his power.”

However, Bradley did also admit:

“He hurt me a couple of times with his left. He’s a beast.”

ESPN reports that Pacquiao won the “power battle” in last night’s boxing match, as he landed 190 of 493 punches, or 38.5% to Bradley’s 27.7%. However, at least two judges felt that Bradley came on strong enough to win this bout. The major takeaways here are that Bradley had a major moment in sports after staying in the 12-round fight without getting knocked out.

Also, this should set up a thrilling rematch for the future, and possibly have Floyd Mayweather Jr. talking more trash about how he is better than Pacquiao. Until Mayweather gets in the ring with him and proves it, that’s another story. He may have to go through a guy named Timothy Bradley first.

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