Pacquiao vs. Bradley Fight Time To Be After Celtics vs. Heat Game 7

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Everybody wants to know what time does the Pacquiao vs. Bradley fight start? Well, NBA fan Manny Pacquiao has decided to hold off until after the final buzzer of game 7 of the Celtics vs. Heat.

Pacquiao vs. Bradley Fight Time to be After Celtics vs. Heat Game 7Pacquiao is a Boston Celtics fan, and he believes the team will win the NBA finals this year. Because he is so invested, he will not step into the ring to fight Timothy Bradley until after the final buzzer sounds in Celtics vs. Heat.

Pacquiao’s promoter Bob Arum announced, “Now Manny, the Heat, the Celtics, and sports fans watching the basketball game won’t have to make a choice between events. They will be able to watch both.”

Even though the main event will not start until after the game 7 buzzer, the Pacquiao vs. Bradley pay-per-view live stream will still start at 9 p.m. with the undercard action.

It’s possible that this time change could be because of lagging interest in the Pacquiao vs. Bradley fight. Perhaps the bout’s promoters felt that they would get more interest if they did not have game 7 competition.

Are you happy you don’t have to make a decision tonight about which sporting event to watch tonight? Do you think that the outcome of game 7 could affect Pacquiao’s boxing if the Celtics end up losing?

What are your predictions? Who do you think will win game 7 tonight? Do you think the game’s outcome could affect the outcome of Pacquiao vs. Bradley? What are your predictions about tonight’s bout?

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