Paige Wyatt of ‘American Guns’ Talks Role Models and More

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Have you heard of Paige Wyatt? She is the gun-toting daughter on the hit Discovery Channel show, American Guns. This 17-year-old does her share of work at Gunsmoke, the family business located in beautiful Colorado, where they sell and trade firearms of all kinds. When she is not firing guns, she is working towards a career in modeling and will be heading off to college soon. In this online interview she did recently, Paige talks about role models and her favorite designer.

Since you are striving to get into a modeling career, do you have a favorite fashion designer that you are dying to model?

I would die to be a Guess girl, they are totally my style and I think I would fit right in!

There is a lot of controversy on young celebrities today being a good role model. How do you personally define what a good role model would be for young girls?

I think a good role model for young girls today is someone who is strong, not afraid to tell it how it is, and is extremely confident.

Is there someone that you have looked up to in your life and why?

My mom, she is such an amazing woman. Without her in my life I don’t know where I’d be, she is always trying to help people, and make everyone else’s life easier and better even if it makes her life harder. She tells it how it is, but is still the most polite, sweetest, most caring woman I know.

How do you feel about being a role model yourself for young girls to look up to?

It’s definitely a lot of pressure, but it’s so cool. I think it’s the best part of this whole “reality TV star” thing.

Your family is obviously close as seen on the show. What has been your favorite family memory so far?

We have so many crazy fun memories it’s hard to pick a favorite, but I think the best so far would have to be when we all went miniature golfing a while ago, we all had so much fun and just couldn’t stop laughing.

Be sure to catch Paige Wyatt and her whole family on American Guns Wednesdays on the Discovery Channel.

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