Painter electrocuted at Habitat for Humanity; New Kensington, PA

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A worker was killed Wednesday afternoon when he was electrocuted while painting the exterior of the Habitat for Humanity complex in New Kensington, PA.

The worker had only a small section of the building left to paint when he came into contact with several high-tension lines. He’d only worked for them for 2 days.

The victim’s co-worker said he tried desperately to revive the victim using CPR, but it was too late.

The unidentified man was working for Modern Painting and Decorating, which is based four miles away in Springdale.

This is a very sad event. It’s especially sad since the man had only been working for them for two days. I couldn’t grab a photo of the building, but the electric wires were very close to the edge of the building where the man was working.

If I get more information later, I’ll post it.

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