Pakistan Factory Fire: Murder Charges Filed

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Murder charges have been filed against Pakistani factory owners who allegedly burned down their own factory with nearly 300 people inside. Thursday, the death toll was up to 264. The factory made clothing and was located in the city of Karachi.

Police say that a case has been opened in the factory fire murder and charges have been filed against the owners of the Ali Enterprises factory. The exact cause of the fire is not known at this time. Those inside the factory were trapped in the fire because there were no emergency exits, but some jumped out of windows to escape the flames.

It is disgusting that someone could put their insurance claims or profits above the lives of 300 people. It boggles the mind that someone who would do something like that would be able to live with themselves. However, you might also pass some of the blame to the Pakistani government, who obviously did not inspect the factory to ensure that emergency exits were installed, and that it was up to fire and safety codes. However, that certainly doesn’t make this factory fire murder any less the fault of the owners who apparently burned it.

Another Pakistan factory caught fire as well on Tuesday and killed at least 25.

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