Palace: Andrew didn’t know of Fergie’s dealings? (VIDEO)

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Buckingham Palace today answered questioned about a sting with involving Prince Andrew’s former wife, the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson.

A reporter posing as a rich businessman cut a deal with the Duchess for $723 thousand dollars for an audience with Prince Andrew.  Sarah Ferguson said in the video that she and the prince were still very close.

In what is being called a frank intervention, Home Office Minister, Lynn Featherstone called Sarah Ferguson, “shoddy, and grubby,” according to AOL news. 

Is that the best they could do? 

The Duchess who is now 50 years old is embarrassed, and admits she needed money.  Once she made millions of dollars as the spokesperson for Weight Watchers, but having gone through that money, she is in need of money now.

She claimed to be able to open doors for the businessman who was really a reporter, who caught Fergie literally with her hand out.

The palace is used to being embarrassed by Sarah Ferguson.  The Duke, Prince Andrew and the palace staff deny any knowledge of Sarah Ferguson’s deal with the reporter.

Sarah Ferguson said that she is sincerely sorry, and under financial stress, but that is no excuse for her behavior.

Sarah Ferguson flew to Los Angeles after news of the video broke to accept an award for a charity to help underprivileged children.

What an embarrassment for Fergie, and Prince Andrew.

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