Palin, Cain and Now Donald Trump?

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Newt is still hangin’ in there! He’s gotten endorsements from Sarah Palin and Herman Cain. Rumor has it, Donald Trump’s press conference today will be an announcement of his Gingrich endorsement. The real estate mogul announced Wednesday that he would be “making news” today in the Presidential race. The big announcement will take place at 12:30pm in Las Vegas at Trump International Hotel & Tower.

The Trumpster appeared on “Face the Nation” Sunday praising Gingrich, calling him “smart”, “tough”, and “a great debater.” Gingrich reportedly visited him in his Manhattan office in December asking for his support. He got him to agree to mentor children in New York’s poor schools instead of the much desired endorsement.

KLAS-TV in Las Vegas first reported the news from Trump advisor, Michael Cohen. This announcement will officially end the possibility of a third-party run by the media hound. Is a Palin-Cain-Trump team enough to lift Gingrich from a significant loss in Florida to a win in Nevada where he already trails Romney by 20 points in the polls? With the “thrilla from Wasilla”, the “groper” and “The Donald” in his corner, how could Newt go wrong?

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