Palin Family Supports Chick-fil-A Bigotry

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Some Palin trash blew into The Woodlands area on Friday and kicked up a stir by showing up at a local Chick-fil-A restaurant. Look, anyone with more than five brain cells knows exactly why Sarah and Todd bought some of the greasy grossness that is pumped out by the bigoted franchise, and it wasn’t for the flavorful cuisine. It was to further push the message of bigotry and anti-liberty while throwing some of their reality show dosh at the franchise.

Sarah Palin and husband Todd were apparently feeling snacky in Texas.In case you’ve been living under a rock these days, Chick-fil-A is under quite a bit of scrutiny for its stance against marriage equality and rights for gays in general. The money this jackass franchise makes goes straight to Christian hate groups, including those with figures who’ve publicly expressed extremely hateful rhetoric against entire groups and cultures. That’s why many people are boycotting this mass purveyor of greasy hate-chicken.

It’s also no surprise to see figures on the conservative spectrum come out in support of Chick-fil-A. Of course those like Huckabee and Sarah Palin say they’re in support for the business’s First Amendment rights. Yeah right! These people want to reach out to their fan base; their narrow-minded, equality-hating, bible-thumping fan base.

Naturally there are conservative voters who are “upset” with the boycott against Chick-fil-A, calling it unfair while demanding that their First Amendment rights be respected. Look, that’s not what this boycott is about. This franchise has every right to exist in all its hatemongering glory. However, Americans also have the right to boycott and speak out against the company. Americans have the right to protest its existence in en mass, and Americans have the right to “vote with their dollars.” If certain people of the anti-gay-rights variety have a problem with that, well, they can just go to church and pray for an old-fashioned smiting. Newsflash – it won’t happen.

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