Pam Anderson’s Human Fashion Accessory?

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Momlogic asks her to explain herself.

pamela anderson

Pam Anderson caused a stir when she had a young girl hold the train of her dress on the red carpet over the weekend. Was this child labor? A human fashion accessory? What?!

Peter Asher, Pamela Anderson’s manager states the following: 

“There seems to be some confusion over events on Sunday night when Pamela Anderson attended the Hollywood Style awards to present an award to her best friend David LaChapelle. 

“Included in Pamela’s party was her friend and legendary makeup artist, Sharon Gault, who brought along her young daughter Adelaide to join in the celebration for her God Father, David LaChapelle. Pamela has known Adelaide since birth and they are close. 

“Pamela was wearing a Vivienne Westwood dress which had a long train. As Pamela was preparing for the red carpet, Adelaide asked if she could carry the train. Everyone thought that would be fun and Pam agreed. Adelaide held the train with elegance and aplomb as Pam made the way across the red carpet and to her seat. Adelaide chose to sit next to Pam throughout the show, rather than in her own seat, met lots of interesting people and had a great time. The show, which was scheduled to begin at 7 p.m., ran a bit late and ended at 9 p.m., at which point everyone went home to bed. 

“All the parties involved find the suggestion that this series of events constitutes some kind of ‘abuse’ or the use of a child as a ‘fashion accessory’ utterly astonishing and even amusing — but pretty disturbing in a way as well!”

We’d say it’s much ado about nothing … how about you?


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