Pamela Anderson PETA ad banned in Montreal for being ‘Sexist?’

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Pamela Anderson’s PETA ad banned? Who would do such a thing? If you guessed the municipal government of Montreal, Canada, you would be right. The commissioner had Pamela Anderson’s PETA ad banned and didn’t even bother to call to tell her, or PETA. (PETA owns the ad promoting becoming a vegetarian) How did they tell PETA?

Instead of calling, the city officials decided to ban Pamela Anderson’s ad via email. A letter sent to PETA from Josse Rochefort, commissioner reads “As you might expect, I have to inform you that we, as public officials representing a municipal government, cannot endorse this image of Ms Anderson. It is not so much controversial as it goes against all principles public organizations are fighting for in the everlasting battle of equality between men and women,”

So what’s all the fuss about Pamela Anderson’s PETA ad? It shows the actress in a tiny little, purple bikini.  Painted on her body are markings that look like a butcher’s diagram. Each section of her body is labeled with things such as “round” “rump,” and “breast.”

The public officials banned PETA’s ad because the deemed it ‘sexist.’ “I think that city officials are confusing ‘sexy’ with ‘sexist,” PETA Senior Vice President Dan Mathews countered.

Personally, I’m a meat eater and am not offended by the Pamela Anderson’s PETA ad and am not sure why they banned it. Note to people in Montreal trying to be relevant, when you ban an ad like this your people will want to find and look at it more. It gives the ad you banned more attention than it deserves, which is exactly what PETA wants.

Readers, if you were on the Montreal city council, would you have voted in favor of banning Pamela Anderson’s PETA ad?


source:  Radar Online

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