Pamela Anderson PETA ad banned – second time for actress [video]

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The Pamela Anderson PETA ad is banned in Montreal, Canada. This is not Anderson’s first time to have an ad for the animal saving organization banned. Another Pam Anderson video was banned New York area airports. CNN refused to air the ad on the CNN Airport Network in New York. Montreal denied her newest ad because of ‘equality’ issues.

Anderson’s sexy new PETA poster says ‘All animals have the same parts,’ and she is pictured scantily clad with writing on her ‘parts.’ City officials have deemed the ad demeaning to the equality of men and women. What do you think?

Why is the video ad banned airports? Part of the reason is because children will see the ad. Also, I suppose it is a bit suggestive. Plus, there are some bare behinds in the ad.

The video ad, which you can see below, is called ‘Cruelty Doesn’t Fly,’ and it’s not that bad. I suppose it might be better for late night than Saturday morning cartoons, but it wasn’t horrible. Perhaps if they cut out the nude behinds it would air? I don’t know.

PETA is well known for having shocking videos and ads, and these featuring Pamela Anderson are no more or less shocking than the others. What do you think? Should Montreal lift the ban on the actresses new ad? Should the video be in the in-flight advertisements? You can watch the banned video below.

‘Cruelty Doesn’t Fly’—Learn More at

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