Pamela Anderson Upset after Run in with Stalker

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Poor Pamela Anderson is upset after she had a run in with her stalker in the UK. She has had a rough year, but after meeting up with her suspected stalker, she is really frazzled. Sunday night her stalker confronted her on a train in Liverpool, England. That had to be frightening, but what would she be doing on a train? You would think she could afford a taxicab.

She took the train after finishing a performance of Aladdin at Liverpool’s Empire Theater. All of a sudden her dark-haired 21-year-old stalker ran on board and spoke to her. She must have been truly terrified to think how close he got to her. This could have been a lot worse, but fortunately, police were on hand.

Pamela Anderson

According to Radar Online, “Authorities were quickly notified and attempted to arrest the suspect, carrying him away when he bit an officer. Police then doused him with pepper spray.” That is just wild to think the man went so far as to attack police. If he attacked police, what did he have in mind for Anderson?


The stalker of 43-year-old Pamela Anderson had been following her and stalking her for a long time, so again you would think she would not use public transportation. Police have not released the name of the alleged stalker, but he is in custody.


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