‘Pan Am’ Canceled, ‘Cougar Town’ Next?

Cougar Town could get canceled after ratings took another dip during the third new episode back on Tuesday (Feb. 28). ABC hasn’t really given the Courteney Cox show a good opportunity to succeed though, and pushing it back to a February premiere may have caused some viewers to simply tune out.

In the latest ratings numbers for the show, it drew a mark of 4.3 million in the time slow and a 1.6 rating in the 18-49 demographic. That became a new series low for the show, dropping the average mark to 1.7 in that key demographic this year. Those aren’t good numbers for the third season of the show and ABC is looking for better from the network right now.

ABC viewers have already become frustrated that Pan Am got canceled after just 14 episodes, and now it seems very likely that Body of Proof and The River are the next two shows just about guaranteed to join it on the cutting room floor. Cougar Town needs viewers more now than ever, especially if fans want the show to get renewed for a fourth season. The next new episode is ready to air on Tuesday night (March 6) at 8:30 p.m., right before a new episode of The River and a repeat of Body of Proof.

Do you think the writing is still strong enough to keep Cougar Town from getting canceled? Should ABC look for a new comedy to fill the time slot?

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