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For years I’ve made pancakes

In an electric frying pan

A present from my husband

He was a pancake man

Until just lately, it has been packed away

He’s not around now to enjoy

But now there is Seth, our great grandson

And he’s a hungry little boy

Usually we make eggs with cheese

But I think he tired of them

So last week he was here

I thought what pleases little men

Then I thought of pancakes

And got my trusty griddle out

Haven’t lost my touch I think

When he saw them, I saw a smile sprout

Put some maple syrup on them

On a paper plate for safety

For sometimes he takes his dinner

To where he has his privacy

Well, he gobbled up the pancakes

I watched out of the corner of my eye

He swished each piece of pancake

In the syrup, what a knowing little guy

Now the pan is up and ready

Whenever he may visit

That’s not to much trouble for me

To keep him happy , is it?

Pancakes anyone ?

Seth will be 3 on March 30,




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