Pandering Tea Party Political Circus Best Hope for Obama’s Re-election!

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CNN’s Tea Party Debate will be held in Tampa, FL. But one needs neither to attend this circus to enjoy death-defying, scary attractions -nor hazard stepping in elephant dung! Just tune in to Wolf Blitzer’s event on CNN, from 8-10, EDT.

Hur-ry! Hur-ry! Hur-ry! Step right this way to see brave candidates overturn Roe vs. Wade; pray in public to reinstate prayer in schools; rail against the abomination of abortion. One might lean in all those directions yet still comprehend this point:

This is a circus –meant to thrill and excite— it is guaranteed to produce plenty of heat –Perhaps a calculated cold sweat in moderate watchers?– but little light!

Waving Tea Party banners, Wolf plainly states all to who’ll read between these lines: “Beyond that, I am also aware that one of these Republicans might in fact become the next President of the United States. Brrrr! This is no endorsement of one act over the other in his statement; simply more promotion of the circus’ thrills!

“I want potential voters out there to have a better appreciation of these candidates – their strengths and weaknesses. I want to make sure we can drill down on where they agree and where they differ. When the candidates dodge the questions, I will follow up and press. That’s what the voters want, and I’m looking forward to this opportunity.” is the official statement from the ring-master, Blitzer.

Surely, these Tea Party candidates will be invited to speak on substantive matters: Obama’s failed performance and why their Jobs programs will work; resuscitating Obama’s failed economy and restoring home ownership; perhaps even dancing about the edges of immigration reform, since Obama has, through Homeland Security, authorized release of up to 300,000 illegal trespassers.

All will be carefully orchestrated questions, designed to provide maximum anxiety and entertainment.

But is “to see who wins” the reason folks attend NASCAR? Not so much: The end result, Undecided’s may decide not to voteaiding Obama supporters seems far more likely.

If this circus can help Tea Party Republicans divide Republicans; if it can nudge both side’s moderate majorities and crucial swing-voters to “tune out” or be “turned off”, completely; then, this makes the Election Race easier to steer and renders the Republican Primary -the Republican Party– irrelevant!

It happened a century ago, in the 1912 elections. Teddy Roosevelt became the Bull Moose Party’s leader; he divided the Republicans, enabling Democrat Woodrow Wilson to win -who dragged US into The Great War, a.k.a., World War I. Something similar happened to get Abe Lincoln elected, (even though 60% of the votes were against him!) -which precipitated the “Civil” War.

We’ve had enough war, even political. The United States’ debate needs to focus on ways to unite US, not divide US further. But don’t expect to find such illumination at this circus!

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