Panic at the Disco Frontman Breaks Ankle Onstage

Panic at the Disco Frontman, Brendon Urie, broke his ankle during a concert on Sunday night. Yet the band’s performance, which took place Pompano Beach, Florida, didn’t suffer. Urie continued to perform and even joked about the injury. Entertainment Weekly reports that the singer removed his shoe to show a horribly swollen ankle and said, “There’s like a softball in my foot.”

A video has been making the rounds on the net but this isn’t the first time the eccentric lead singer, who often dons a top hat and eye-liner, has been injured onstage. While Panic at the Disco was performing at the 2006 Reading Festival in England, Urie was knocked unconscious by a bottle. When the singer awakened, he continued his performance until the end and the band has continued to play Reading.

Panic at the Disco is currently on tour and promoting their third studio album, entitled Vices and Virtues.

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