Panic Attack

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My mother has dementia and for the last few years she’s suffered with panic attacks. Several of my friends also have panic attacks. I feel blessed not to have experienced them myself but just watching my mother endure them has taught me that they are far more than just being nervous or a bit frightened.  They are unpredictable, life altering, and much feared.




Panic Attack

I can’t breathe.

I’m choking on air.

Help me move,

I’m glued to this chair!


I can’t get out,

Can’t open this door,

My feet won’t hold me,

They’re nailed to the floor.


I’m in a black hole,

I’m out of control,

Please God, lift me up,

I’m being swallowed whole.


I can’t breathe,

My heart’s full of fear,

I can’t stand the pressure,

Help me get out of here!


Thoughts are spinning,

I know it’s real,

Don’t tell me I’m crazy,

I know what I feel.


You think I can fight it?

I can just turn my back?

Each second is Hell,

During a panic attack.


© Dianna Doles-Petry


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My name is Dianna Doles Petry. I am a freelance writer from West Virginia. Many of my poems and several of my short stories have been published in various publications and on the Internet. I have written two books, Memories, and Echoes of a Woman's Soul.

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