Papa John’s Seems Dishonest with Claims against Healthcare

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Papa John’s CEO John Schnatter is doing more than shoving bad pizza down people’s throats. Now that crappy food is coming with a serving of right wing political bulls**t. The CEO recently came out and said that it’s at the fault of “Obamacare” that the price of their pizza will go up an approximate 11 to 14 cents. Well, first of all that’s chump change. You can find 11 to 14 cents on the street most of the time, or in the nooks and crannies of your couch cushions. Their pizza is already overpriced for the quality (or lack thereof) of it as it is, so what’s another couple of pennies thrown to this jerk, right?

John Schnatter truly doesn’t even deserve that 14 cents, even if his 80,000+ employees do deserve the healthcare. The guy is playing politics with business and trying to force-fed his ideology on the masses—which just want some damn pizza! A boycott is what this guy deserves, especially since he’s apparently raising more money for Mitt Romney. He’s already raised an estimated $2.75 million for the failing presidential hopeful.

What’s more is that the CEO of Papa John’s is seemingly being dishonest. The price of his pizza shouldn’t be going up because of “Obamacare,” because not only has his company made an extreme increase in profit over the past year, but because he is eligible for tax credits and other benefits simply for existing as a massive business that offers healthcare to its employees. The company already offers all employees health benefits, so this entire ordeal is simply a political ploy to garner more attention and maybe more votes for Mittens. It’s probably a lame attempt at publicity as well since the whole Chick-fil-A fiasco.

Certainly people who hate President Obama will flock to this subpar pizza shop in some harebrained support for the other guy, but the fact of the matter is that it’s simply not that good of food for the behavior the CEO is displaying. The dishonesty, political rhetoric, and price-gouging (albeit a tiny little gouge) simply adds to the bitter taste of their so-called “better ingredients.”

Why not skip on going to Papa John’s altogether and spend money at a local pizza shop instead? Support an actual small business in your area that doesn’t try to serve up a heaping pile of political garbage with their dining experience. Boycott Papa Romney’s pizza.

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