Paparazzo Photographing Justin Bieber’s Ferrari Dies

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Justin Bieber is one of the hottest stars on the planet right now and it makes sense that the paparazzi are after photos of him. However, an attempt to get some pictures of the singer’s Ferrari turned deadly on Tuesday night.

Justin Bieber, April 2011

According to TMZ, a photographer was following Bieber’s white Ferrari when it was pulled over for a traffic stop. The photographer decided to take some photos of the car, getting out of his own vehicle to get some shots. As can be imagined, it wasn’t the safest of situations and the photographer was advised of that. Unfortunately, before he was able to make it back to his own vehicle, he was hit and killed by another vehicle driving by.

Bieber was not behind the wheel when the tragedy struck and, at first, it was unclear if he was in the vehicle at all. TMZ was later able to confirm that Bieber was not in the car at all, but rather that two of his friends had borrowed the vehicle.

Neither Justin Bieber nor his rep have yet spoken out about the tragedy and no other details were readily available other than that drugs and alcohol did not play a factor in the accident.

It’s a shame that this had to happen, but brings up talk about the paparazzi and their pursuit of the rich and famous. Sure, they want nothing more than to get that perfect picture, but it shouldn’t have to end tragically.

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