‘Parade’ Magazine Names Kim Kardashian Most Annoying Celebrity Alive

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Kim Kardashian is use to being in the spotlight. In fact, she loves being in the spotlight. The brighter the better. The more often the better. However, even Kim might wish away her newest claim to fame.

Parade Magazine has named Kim “the most annoying celebrity alive.” Ouch!

She edged out a lot of people’s choice for the award — Charlie Sheen — by two percentage points. She received 29 percent of the vote, while Charlie only got 27 percent.

The magazine points out that Kim is famous only for one thing, being “Kim”. That’s a fact they don’t seem to find all that impressive. They went on to talk about the fact that no one could escape Kim Kardashian’s wedding. It hogged the limelight for months before, during and after the event took place.

Frankly, choosing Kim over Charlie is a bit puzzling. Clearly, Mr. Sheen went off the rails this past year and garnered just as much, if not more, unnecessary attention as Kim Kardashian. But then, everyone’s entitled to their opinion so the title stands.

Another brunette made the top three. That would be Jersey Shore‘s resident dynamo, Snooki, who earned 21 percent of the vote. It should have been higher. Talk about annoying!

What is your opinion? Did Parade Magazine get it right? Is Kim Kardashian the most annoying celebrity alive or do you think someone else tops the list?

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